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What we do

Sellergize provides powerful & innovative software that empower businesses to reach their full potential. Many of these software started as in-house projects for our own business. Today, Sellergize has functional experts with decades of experience in various industries. We understand your business problems, identify opportunities, and help you adopt modern technologies to achieve your goals. We’re headquartered in Mumbai, with an additional office in Aurangabad, and on-field teams in many other cities.

Our Timeline


March 2013

Before the Beginning

In early 2013, our founders Kamil (Tech Guy) and Rahil (Marketing Champ) started a part-time business in Affiliate Industry while continuing their full-time jobs.

September 2013

In-house Softwares

They developed Analytics Tools and used a lot of Automation & Integration to run this affiliate business. This gave them instant success.

January 2015

Business Opportunity

While promoting new & small businesses on their Affiliate Website, Kamil & Rahil realised a big problem. They saw that many businesses in India have high potential, but these businesses do not have access to technology that will help them grow.

February 2015

Sellergize was born !!

In 2015, Sellergize was incorporated with an aim to give small & medium businesses the luxury of high-end softwares to compete with larger companies. We partnered with Integrated Computer Solutions which had 20+ years of experience in Business Softwares and the required Functional knowledge.

June 2015

150 sq. ft. Office

Yes, our first office was smaller than an average meeting room. But our modest beginning has helped us stay humble while still pursuing excellence.

January 2016


TrooSales was our first product. On the surface, it helps the on-field sales team to book orders on their mobile devices. But more importantly, it allows the company to set rules for variable pricing & credit-control. It also acts as a central order management panel for everyone in the supply chain. All this, while it can be easily integrated with the company’s existing Accounting & Inventory Softwares.

April 2016

Better Office

After spending almost a year in an office with ceiling leakages, we could finally afford a comfortable place to work from 🙂

February 2017


Almost all of HRMS expect the HR or the Business owner to do most of the work. That’s boring! So we created a fully-automated HRMS, which does everything. Right from biometric attendance to automatic payroll, we’ve got you covered.

November 2017


The School ERP market is filled with namesake software, that don’t really work. With our experience in attendance with Fingerprint & Facial recognition, we stepped up to provide a complete solution for schools that solves real problems.

November 2018


We forayed next into Inventory Management with a flexible product that adapts to the needs of various industries. From local dealers to large scale manufacturers, our inventory management systems keep perfect records, provide detailed insights, and swiftly notify accordingly to stock rules.

September 2019

Swanky Office (Finally)

Swanky Office (Finally)

4 years since inception, Sellergize is growing fast! We finally have an office that we love 🙂

January 2020

Full Throttle

With innovation in our DNA and problem-solving in our blood, we are expanding to all Business verticals now. Our team of Functional Experts can help you identify growth opportunities with the use of latest technologies in all functions like Sales, CRM, Inventory, Accounting, Production, Planning, HR, etc.